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Yes, I Call Gifts To Go Home

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Yes, I Call Gifts To Go Home

Today a frequent shopper/shipper asked me if I felt that I spent my life at the shop.

Yes, I spend six days each week working at the little gift shop and post office that we’re growing.  While that might sound overwhelming to some, I have always enjoyed my work and now that I’m nurturing this growing retail infant, I rarely see it as work.  I see it as coaching, championing, feeding, housekeeping and assessing.  Sometimes I see it as frustrating or trying but that happens when you nurture something.

However, I am not without some sense  of the trendy concept of work-life balance.  The members of my family living in Arizona reside in the same house that I do; I look forward to seeing them every night and every morning and if possible anytime throughout the day.

In terms of family representing the concept of home,  my mom helped me get this gift shop post office started and I often look at the post office space and see her, talk to her and spend a few moments being grateful that I was her daughter and that even though I was reluctant to start a gift shop she prodded me along the way.

My husband drives many miles each day to go to a job where he then drives throughout the state.  One of the primary reasons he does this is so that we have health insurance.  He works with me every Saturday, does my banking, delivers gift baskets and picks up my supplies throughout the state. He hangs my flags, fixes my signs and much more.

My brother is my straightforward, fully honest gift basket design evaluator.  If he likes it, it’s good.  If he doesn’t like it, it needs to be scrapped and he doesn’t waste any time letting me know that.

I am humbled to have them all and chances are I spend more time with my family than most who proclaim  ‘work-life balance’  success.  Clearly our heart-strings are shorter than those of many families I know.

Yet, I often need to prodded.  I tend to be the frog put into a cold pot of water that stays in the pot for far too long as the temperature of the water increases.  Perhaps the day will come when I’m the frog in the gift shop water that I haven’t noticed is growing warmer and warmer.  Until that time, I’ll be loving my job at Gifts To Go and  grateful to my family for helping me ‘live’ here.


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  1. I’m scared to see the postal logo and the word home together. I spend many hours drinking to forget I work at the USPS. Maybe it’s not that bad. I could be delivering your packages! Hopefully, you spend more time selling things

    • Added the post office to our shop nearly 3 years ago for the purpose of driving more foot traffic through door. It’s working as planned and we are selling more goodies as a result. It is a lot of hard work and I get frustrated with post office communication, procedures as you might as well. But I’ve been surprised to find I have a great deal of empathy for the tellers at our local office. I, like many, thought they were snarly for no reason. I now know they have many reasons for being abrupt. Overall, I’m very glad to be part of the USPS “We Deliver For You” team!

      • I’m very glad as I deliver to a bunch of great customers. But I despise my management. The worlds largest communication company and they can’t talk to any employees without threats. The efficiency is awesome but well under what it should be. A sleeping giant, if working together ever becomes a priority. I’m happy to help people. I hope your experiences stay positive

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