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Why Do People Give Gifts?

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I spend my days creating and growing a gift shop to delight, surprise and make my guests (shoppers and shippers) smile as they leave regardless of their arrival countenance.

So naturally I frequently consider the reasons people give gifts. When I introduce myself in a networking group I describe my activities as solving the ‘S’, ‘M’ or ‘G’ ( Sad, Mad or Glad) events in our lives.  So let’s see if we can compile a list of reasons humankind seeks to give a gift.

Here goes and please feel free to add:

  1.  To celebrate – a birthday, anniversary, new home, new baby, new car, first time vehicle license, a new pet, holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Hannukkah or Christmas.
  2. To cheer, empathize or express hope – a negative medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of a job, house fire, natural disaster or divorce.
  3. To apologize – for harsh words, misunderstanding, jumping to conclusions.
  4. To ease anxiety or fear over the unknown.

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  5. To demonstrate random thoughts of another person –these are gifts that are most likely to be a the total surprise.
  6. To ease feelings of homesickness – think of care packages for college students or friends or family who moved away.
  7. To express love to a new beau, spouse, sibling, child, parent or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Grandparent’s Day.
  8. To demonstate pride in someone’s achievements such as Eagle Scout, graduation, First Communion, job promotion.
  9. To express gratitude or thankfulness for assitance with a project or task or to a favorite coach, mentor or teacher.
  10. To demonstrate faith in one’s ability to achieve a goal or persevere through a difficult situation.

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  1. debbiestudios2

    Nice and so true

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful ‘gift’–a welcome reminder. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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