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Why I’m Inspired To Write Today

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Why I’m Inspired To Write Today

After a long dry season, for no good reason other than there’s always something more urgent to take care of when growing a small business, Gifts To Go will host a local author’s book signing this coming Saturday.  The author, Brenda Whiteside, has visited with us before and shared her ‘Love and Murder’ series of romance novels with our shoppers and shippers.

The scheduling and promotion of this event differs from my previous approach.  Different in the sense that I’ve had to relinquish control of the process in order to get it done rather than it just being another incomplete item on my To Do List.

Because I’ve wanted to re-energize our book signings, the AA (Anti-Adverb) Writer’s Critique Group has volunteered to plan and schedule book signings.  Further they will be writing reviews of the upcoming featured authors book(s).  Our goal for these reviews is to get more readers knowledgable about the  scheduled writer and his/her genre and style.  We hope that publishing these reviews will create a bit of local buzz about the new book, the signing event and the author in general.  We believe this will offer some real promotion for the author and the event.

As the plan to add zest to the process is new, we’ve had some ups and downs with everyone trying to do the best thing for the authors and for their host Gifts To Go.  So, we’re breaking this routine in during the slow summer season with a goal of having a robust, well executed schedule of book signings for local authors when our winter visitors return to the Valley of the Sun next November.

When the electronic copy of Brenda Whiteside’s “Legacy of Love and Murder” was hard for the assigned reviewer to locate, I jumped at the chance to read it online.

I’ve always liked Brenda’s style and her shining personality comes through in her words.  This book does not disappoint. But there’s more as today I’ve found myself gravitating toward both general reading and writing and  am actually excited to get on with the fall book signing schedule.  Brenda’s book motivated me in an unexpected way.   I truly enjoyed it and keep in mind I don’t usually read romance novels.  If not reading non-fiction my go-to author is Lee Child.

Today, I committed to attend WordPress’ Blogging U classes and I’m carving out time each day to also re-energize the shop’s blog.  So, I offer sincere thanks to Brenda Whiteside, the AA Writers’ critique Group as I look forward to the upcoming season.




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