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We’ve Never Endorsed a Non-Local Author Until Now

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moms choice votingThose who know us know that we actively promote local writers and their works and that our business has never endorsed or actively recommended one to our friends, fans and followers that was not written by someone we know personally.

Until now that is.

Regardless whether you call it the most contentious or most entertaining election cycle in our lifetimes this cycle is history in the making.  From the FBI investigation of a presidential candidate’s handling of national security data to a vacancy on the Supreme Court to the a major political party’s threat, implied or real, of circumventing the people’s primary voting results this is turning out be quite interesting.  Throw in the possibility of a contested convention and an avowed Democratic Socialist as a major party candidate and we’ve got the makings of a successful TV series.

As the states and territories deal with record numbers of new voters, we find ourselves wondering who amongst us really understands the process of nominating and electing a new commander in chief?  Or, the three branches of government and what does ‘separation of powers’ mean? Or, why does it take so long to just pass a law and is that a good thing or not? Where is there an electoral college?

For years, we’ve sold books by Papersalt, most of which are recipients of the Mom’s Choice Awards.  Papersalt, a company in Seattle, Washington, describes itself this way, “We make books and activities to help parents teach simple things all kids should know. Simple ideas, memorable content, cool designs.”

We’ll take it one step further.  Papersalt books teach basic things all Americans should know. Today we are specifically referring to their  Voting & the U.S. Government, a 48 page wire-bound, user friendly explanation of the how and why behind the organization and operation of the United States government. We don’t care where you get this book, we sell it for $13.95 but that’s not important, you need to read it and see that everyone you talk politics or government with has also read it.  See that your children and grandchildren read and understand it, too.

We’d love to see this book required reading for anyone with a voter registration card so they understood the value and meaning of ‘casting a ballot’.  Maybe we’ll have to run for office to see this happen.

One caveat: this book does not deal with the history and procedures of the presidential nominating conventions so in the months between now and later summer we’re looking for a user-friendly explanation for those possible schenanigans.





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