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Stayin’ In Touch

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Stayin’ In Touch

It is so true that you can learn (and re-learn) the best things from just talking to other people.  A post office customer just purchased a book of stamps to send her grandchildren.  She fears their lives, filled with electronic gadgetry, move too quickly and much transpires throughout their days that she’ll never know about.  If she doesn’t send them ‘old-fashioned’ postage stamps and specifically ask them to write her a letter at least once a week or when they have something to share, she’ll miss out on the seemingly little events that shape their lives and personalities.  Her final comment “things change too quickly to keep up unless you make a concerted effort to keep up” rang true for me as I try to raise this Gifts To Go child.

So,I am now making a concerted effort to communicate two programs I’m running just for fun of it – One and Done and Friday Fun.

One and Done is a new category on my website at where a single new product is featured every Monday.  I’ll mark the product down and it will be available for purchase throughout the week unless it is sold out.  When it is gone, the category is Done until the following Monday.  Two hints about shopping my online store: 1)  shipping, using the United States Post Office of course, is always a flat $6 to any US address and 2) if you live near our retail location at 11340 W Bell Rd, Ste 128, Surprise, AZ, you can opt out of the shipping charge by clicking the choice to pick up your purchase in-store.

Friday Fun is a question I pose on Gifts To Go’s Facebook page every Friday morning between 8am and 9am.  Each week there is a prize given to the first person to answer correctly.  Generally the prize is a 15% or 20% discount shopping spree anytime before 5pm the following day.  I have to exclude local artwork, post office products and services, custom gift baskets and items already on sale but everything else is available for the discount. 

You are invited to share in the fun every Monday and Friday!  Enjoy!




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