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Hoorah For Made In The USA!

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Hoorah For Made In The USA!

Have been having sooo many conversations about Forked Up Art products, I thought it best to repost this blog from a few days ago. Enjoy!

Gifts To Go

Multi Curve Fork 2749 Multi Curve Spoon 2749 IMG_20140206_155006

Am so happy to have found another couple of great gift related companies that manufacture their products in the USA!  Have just added Forked Up Art as a new supplier and am pleased to share the company owner’s, Judson Jennings, story below. This passage is taken from the company’s website. 

“Founder Judson Jennings started Forked Up Art because he couldn’t find a job in college during the 2010 Recession. “When the economy went down, all of the full time welders came back into part-time positions, and all open welding positions disappeared”. While living with his In-Laws, Judson took a bag of flatware that his mother-in-law was throwing out and created his first figurine. “All my friends thought it was cool so I started making more, and they started selling”. Using as a selling tool, Judson welded his pieces in the household workshop and bent/shipped them in the basement kitchen. On…

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