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Hoorah For Made In The USA!

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Am so happy to have found another couple of great gift related companies that manufacture their products in the USA!  Have just added Forked Up Art as a new supplier and am pleased to share the company owner’s, Judson Jennings, story below. This passage is taken from the company’s website. 

“Founder Judson Jennings started Forked Up Art because he couldn’t find a job in college during the 2010 Recession. “When the economy went down, all of the full time welders came back into part-time positions, and all open welding positions disappeared”. While living with his In-Laws, Judson took a bag of flatware that his mother-in-law was throwing out and created his first figurine. “All my friends thought it was cool so I started making more, and they started selling”. Using as a selling tool, Judson welded his pieces in the household workshop and bent/shipped them in the basement kitchen. On March 4th of 2010, various bloggers picked up on the “iPhone Holder” piece and took it all the way to This blew away all other sales statistics, and the newly formed “Forked Up Art” was amazed at the sales potential it had. After filling all those orders in miraculous time, Judson took his concept to Art Festivals and Craft Fairs throughout the western United States.  While working a booth at a local Farmers Market, Judson got his first call from a store wanting to carry his product at wholesale. He inquired about wholesale pricing, and decided to go for it. He saw the potential for his company to grow into a wholesaling company, and has taken his “Forked Up Concept” to wholesale show around the country. He now sells to over 1000 retailers nation wide.  Forked Up Art is dedicated to being the “Fork Authority of the World”, now creating pieces for the yard as well as the table, lamps and chandeliers, and jewelry made out of forks and spoons. “If it’s done with forks and spoons, we want to be the ones doing it”.

At Gifts To Go we believe each Forked Up Art piece will quietly serve many purposes in your life and home over many years.  In the week preceding Valentine’s Day, we’re proudly showcasing the “Multi Curve” pieces presenting jewelry gift boxes.  We’ve wrapped the gift boxes with our new Stone WrapTreeless wrapping paper.  The displayed patterns are April and Pink Damask.  We buy our gift wrap from Nashville Wraps, another great US company.  They describe the paper as follows: “Stone Wrap® Treeless Gift Wrap is made from 75% Limestone – 25% Polyethylene. The limestone is a by product of mining which would normally be discarded. Instead it is salvaged and made into this material without water or bleach. This luxurious gift wrap is waterproof and recyclable. It has a high quality matte finish, smooth surface and the ease of folding and cutting are unlike any other.”  And, Stone Wrap Treeless paper is made in the USA.  We stock twelve different patterns for customer purchase and for our gift wrapping service.

Speaking of gift wrapping service we’re wrapping Willow Tree angels and figurines now through Valentine’s Day for free! 

All our Forked Up Art pieces are available for purchase at


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