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Children’s Books and CD’s…Perfect Together

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I believe all the children’s books we select have at least two commonalities: 1) all outstanding and 2) all written by locals.  But today I’m drawing your attention to two that share a new common feature.  One, GQ GQ. Where Are You? by Sharon I Ritt, is brand new and the other, Wasn’t That The Nicest Thing To Do? by Mickie Van Boening, we’ve offered since Christmas 2012.  

GQ GQ. Where Are You? , a story of Georgy an adventurous Gambel’s Quail and published by Five Star Publications, is our first to include a CD of the author singing the story line to the tune of “Frere Jacques”. Nothing can replace the treat of a family member reading a children’s book aloud but the inclusion of Ms Ritt’s voice on CD neatly tucked into the front cover of her book is extra special too.  And, the more a child hears the rhythm and cadence of language the easier speech and learning will be for them. 

Plus, GQ, GQ. Where Are You? is full of activities to enhance the child’s experience.  My favorite suggestion is to write an acrostic poem that describes Georgy’s adventures in the Sonoran Desert.  

Last Friday, Mickie Van Boening stopped in with an additional supply of Wasn’t That The Nicest Thing To Do? because we’ve nearly sold out of this wonderful story.  Ms. Van Boening’s book is a beautiful self published work. You may recall from last year’s book signing events that Mickie’s eyesight is poor and she recites her story to listeners with her beautiful lyrical voice.  It’s always a treat for me when Mickie visits but on Friday when she shared that she’s planning to add a CD recording of her telling the story, I was beyond pleased.  

Be assured when I receive copies of Mickie’s CD’s, I’ll be certain to let all know.  In the meantime, Wasn’t That The Nicest Thing To Do?  is a perfect Sunday school book or new baby book. 

GQ, GQ.  Where Are You? by Sharon I Ritt is available now for $14.95 and Wasn’t That The Nicest Thing To Do by Mickie Van Boening is available again for $9.95 both in store at 11340 W Bell Road Suite 128 Surprise Arizona or online at


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