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Thanks USPS, Now I Really Miss The Water

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NE Lighthouses

Life in Arizona over the past five years has been very good for me – my RA is far less painful and far more manageable.  I’ve learned that stress and fatigue are important to one’s physical condition and I enjoy what I’m doing. But I do miss the water. We don’t receive much rain and our ‘lakes’ are cement bathtubs pried into rugged terrain. It’s often possible to easily see land, or desert, on the other side of the lake. No wide expanse of water to calm the soul or spawn daydreams.

Enter my new relationship with the United States Post Office as the operator of a brand spanking new contract postal unit where I’m drawn to the beauty of all the new stamps.  The first new stamp I was able to bring to the public in my little ‘post office’ was the Johnny Cash stamp.  It’s design is very clever as it actually looks like a 45rpm record.  There is now an entire generation that has heard of Johnny Cash, maybe has even heard his original recordings and not just the famous Adam Lambert remake, but has no idea what one would actually do with a 45rpm.  I certainly enjoyed bringing the Johnny Cash commemorative stamp to life in Surprise, AZ.

But it is the next major commemorative stamp, the New England Coastal Lighthouses, that has flamed an intense interest in sharing the beauty, art and history of these beacons.  And, alas, reminds me every time I look at one, how much I miss the coast.

Allow me to share some of the official USPS description of these beauties, “There’s something about lighthouses. They fascinate us; they enchant us; they draw us in. Utilitarian yet majestic, these structures possess a beauty and romance that reach far beyond their practical natures. Recognizing our love affair with these lonely sentinels, the U.S. Postal Service has released the New England Coastal Lighthouses (Forever®) series of stamps celebrating our nation’s lighthouses. New England Coastal Lighthouses, the sixth in the series, features five lighthouses:

* Portland Head (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)
* Portsmouth Harbor (New Castle, New Hampshire)
* Point Judith, (Narragansett, Rhode Island)
* New London Harbor (New London, Connecticut)
* Boston Harbor (Boston, Massachusetts).

Each stamp shows a close-up view of one of the five lighthouses that captures not only the down-to-earth aspect of the tower but also the mysterious qualities that compel
us to come closer.  The five lighthouses are among the oldest in the U.S., and each is on the National Register of Historic Places. Boston Harbor Light is also a National Historic Landmark.

Howard Koslow created original paintings for New England Coastal Lighthouses stamp art—and for the entire Lighthouses series. Howard E. Paine and Greg Breeding were the art directors.”

This set of commemoratives has also spurred my interest in the the other work of Howard Koslow along with wanting to view earlier Lighthouse series stamps.  And, if that’s not enough, the folks at USPS have also produced enchanting videos for each lighthouse location.  Don’t yet know much about each piece of music other than I enjoyed each.  One caution though, don’t view these videos if you long for a glimpse of the coast…  Enjoy.




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