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It IS What The World Needs Now

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Available In Store or at

Available In Store or at

Part of Gifts To Go’s “local-ness” is reaching out to authors here in Arizona to provide them with a showcase for their books. I read (nearly) all and can speak to each of them as shoppers browse our racks. And sometimes, like now, I come across one that just has to be highlighted.

As I finished reading V.A. Boeholt’s Burton the Kind Scarecrow I’m reminded of Burt Bachrach and Hal David’s 1965 lyrics for “What The World Needs Now” (Is Love Sweet Love). So much of our collective culture has been transformed since 1965 that this book is a delight to be enjoyed by families, schools, church groups, clubs, neighbors and more. Burton, an affable scarecrow, demonstrates the meaning of true friendship and compassion for others.

If Boeholt had simply delivered a thoughtful, well written story about being kind it would be a solid accomplishment and a recommended read. But, the author does far more than that, she gives adults (parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers) a wealth of tools for developing the story concepts as well as enhancement activities for learning more about history (of scarecrows, farming, agriculture), developing written and verbal skills and more. The illustrator of this charming book, Nathaniel P. Jensen, does a superb job of bringing Burton and friends to ‘life’ on the pages and provides many opportunities for art teachers and aspiring young artists.

I’m proud to stock this book in store and online as Burton the Kind Scarecrow is far more than just a great story; it is a treasure chest of compassion that the reading world simply needs now. And, fortunately for all of us looking for quality children’s literature, V.A. Boeholt, has released three other Burton books and plans on more! They will all be available with us.


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