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2013 Purple Dragonfly Winners Announced

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And The Winners Are…

Right on our bookshelves!

The 2013 Purple Dragonfly children’s book awards, sponsored by Five Star Publications, were announced this week. Read more about the contest that honors accomplished authors and looks to identify new soon-to-be-favorites here:

The contest is organized around 37 distinct categories. We’re thrilled to have the works of four winners on our shelves! If you were to close your eyes now, no doubt you’d be able to identify these writers. And, you may have already purchased one or more titles for the younger readers in your world. But just in case you’re still curious, the winners are:

by Anita Elco & Katherine Stelmach

by Anita Elco & Katherine Stelmach

Who’s in That Shell? by Anita Elco and Katherine Stelmach tied for first place in the Pets and Animals category. This is a super book about a hermit crab colony. It ties to the Arizona science curriculum and focuses on developing decision making skills in the readers. There are four stories in this one book; the reader is asked to make decisions for the characters along the way. Want more information? Go to:

By Ann Goldfarb

By Ann Goldfarb

Light Riders and the Morenci Mine Murder by Ann Goldfarb was awarded 2nd place in the Young Adult Fiction category. This is Ann’s fourth time travel novel and my personal favorite (although they are all enjoyable reads even for adults). Ann’s sixth book will be released shortly and we’re looking forward to it. Learn more at; be sure to read Ann’s blog while you’re there.

By Gale Leach

By Gale Leach

Bruce and the Road to Justice by Gale Leach took 2nd place in the Chapter Books category and both Bruce and the Road to Courage and Bruce and the Road to Honesty were awarded Honorable Mentions in the same category. Gale’s ‘Bruce’ books are great first chapter books for kids. Bruce is a caterpillar who is learning about himself, his family, friends, fears, talents as he’s growing up through the pages of these three books. Like the other winners, Gale is an accomplished author with an interesting blog at:

I’m always looking to add more quality choices so if you know an Arizonan with a yet-to-be-discovered book, I’m happy to talk about the opportunities available for showcasing their work.

Find a local business that accepts this year's 20% off Golden Coupon at

Find a local business that accepts this year’s 20% off Golden Coupon at

As Independents Week fast approaches, thank you for supporting local authors, local publishers such as Five Star Publications and local businesses. Our goal is to provide quality options that give you the option to put your money where your home is. Have a great week!


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  1. You are a true friend to Arizona authors!

  2. Indeed you are a true friend to your Arizona authors! Do you have any colleagues in Maine? My book AMAZING MATILDA just earned a Purple Dragonfly Award… THANKS so much for checking our my blog and following. I’m following back.

    • Congratulations on your Purple Dragonfly award! Five Star is amazing for authors and retailers alike. Alas, no counterparts in Maine. But, come for visit to Arizona and you’re more than welcome to be our guest for a booksigning!

      Just looked at AMAZING MATILDA and strikes me that you and Gale Leach, winner of 2013 Purple Dragonfly awards for her “Bruce” the caterpillar series might have a lot in common. Check out her website ( and her Facebook pages for Bruce and the Road to Courage, Bruce and the Road to Honesty and Bruce and the Road to Justice. Thanks for following.


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