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Memorial Day Challenge

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Memorial Day Challenge

Truly hard to imagine we’re nearly six months into 2013 and the ‘official’ start of summer is upon us. I suspect folks around the country are making plans for the upcoming three day weekend much of which will include a family bbq, sale shopping, readying the yard for summer or just relaxing. Given the time pressures we are all under, these are valuable ways to spend the 72 hour holiday period.
I offer a challenge for this year, however. Make a point to demonstrate your knowledge of and respect for the Memorial Day holiday. Do it in way that imparts that knowledge to another and/or pays tribute to the individuals, and/or their families, throughout history who have bravely given their lives for our freedoms. Teach your children about the holiday’s history by giving it meaning during the weekend. Make a point of explaining the difference between colloquial holiday observance such as a day off from work or a family reunion versus genuine holiday observance such as putting flags on soldiers’ graves or quietly observing a community parade that honors deceased military personnel.

A few factoids about this weekend’s holiday:
* Memorial Day, observed in May, honors all deceased military personnel particularly those who died during battle.
* Veterans Day, observed in October, honors all military personnel, living or dead.
* Memorial Day was originally an acknowledgement of the soldiers who died during the Civil War.
* An early official ‘Memorial Day’ was declared by Major General John A Logan to occur on May 30 and was called ‘Decoration Day’ as the point was to decorate the graves of fallen servicemen with flowers.
* Over time Decoration Day grew to honor deceased soldiers from all wars, not just the Civil War.
* In 1971, Decoration Day was officially named Memorial Day, was named an official US holiday and was designated as the last Monday in May.
* Since 2000, efforts such as the National Moment of Remembrance have encouraged all Americans to stop what they are doing at 3pm local time on the last Monday of May to remember the sacrifice of all the fallen service men and women who protect our freedoms.

If your observation of Memorial Day includes display of the United States flag,either as full sized or garden sized, please check out our collection of flags at . Click to Home Outside and select either Garden or House flags. We also offer a selection of US service branch flags as well, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine, again both in Garden and House sizes.

Have a solemn, peaceful Memorial Day observance this coming week.


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