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Turning Up The Heat

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Recently I placed a re-order with Halladay’s Harvest Barn back east in Vermont to replenish our stock of their fresh, natural dips and seasonings.  Halladay’s has been so well regarded by Gifts To Go patrons that I decided to increase the number of choices we provide. 

The order arrived quickly, as they always do, on one of our first 100+ degree days here in the Valley of the Sun.  Since moving here nearly five years ago I have grown accustomed to the climate as well as the ruggedness of the terrain just outside the population centers, but still miss those refreshing October days. 

How ironic then that the packaging on one of our new choices, Maple Habanero Dip, shows fiery habanero peppers and autumn toned leaves amid a backdrop of a farmer’s field in a valley bordered by mountains (reminiscent of our White Tanks) and a vermillon blue sky (as we have the fortune of enjoying daily). 

So as the intensity of our summer sun increases and we start counting the number of 115+ degree days, I can wander over to our Halladay’s display and conjure up a brisk fall stroll through gardens filled with colorful mums. 

Meanwhile, here’s Halladay’s description of this variety as follows – “Spice up your summer grilling with our new Maple Habanero dip mix. This makes a delicious summer dip to serve with chips or add it to your barbeque sauce to create a spicy barbeque glaze for chicken, steak and ribs. This is our most fiery dip for all of you who have requested a dip with more heat.”  And for those smart eaters among us, Halladay’s dips are all low sodium (Maple Haberno has just 20mg of sodium per serving size) and is gluten free.

I’ll be publishing a Baked Haberno Bean Dip recipe and Halladay’s coupon, in store and online, in an upcoming newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter by registering at

Enjoy the heat!



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