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2011 Spirit of Community Awards – Business Innovator

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Thrilled to have had the good fortune of launching Gifts To Go inside of The Barnaby Street Shoppes, a retail incubator.  It’s been a wild and fun time since opening in October 2010. Just recently, the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded a number of ‘Spirit of Community Awards’.  Barnaby Streets was acknowledged as the Business Innovator Of The Year.  Beatrice Kabab, our plaza liaison, accepted the award.  She received a stunning award which is available for all to see inside our Shoppes.  Even if it weren’t sentimental and representative of  nearly 18 months of blood, sweat and tears, it would be a beautiful award.  But it’s extra special given all that the initial tenants and management have put into growing this innovative retail concept. 

The Chamber made a video tour of The Barnaby Street Shoppes in advance of the award so all who attended the ceremony could see just how cool Barnaby is. The video is housed on Barnaby Street Shoppes’ website.  Click here to read all about Barnaby and scroll down for the video where Beatrice will walk you into and through the Shoppes.  2011 Spirit of Community Awards Video at Barnaby Street Shoppes

Always interested in other retail ideas as brick and mortar meets online sales in new and clever ways so please share what is working for you or not working for you. Oh, and if you haven’t had the chance to a retail incubator in operation, feel free to stop in soon. 



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