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Just Where Is Bell Mar Plaza?

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Thought you might be interested in a bit of  Bell Mar Plaza geography.  It’s located on the westbound side of  W Bell Road, just east of 114th Avenue/Avenue of the Arts.  Click this link for a local area map. The intersection is at the bottom of the hill and is  marked with a traffic light.  Cars can enter the plaza through the entrance located mid point on the hill or at the intersection.  I recommend using the entrance if you’re traveling westbound and using the light if you’re motoring eastbound.

The dancing water fountain is in the center front of the plaza between Hurricane Grill and Picasso’s.  It serves as the focal point and central landmark on the colorful Bell Mar Plaza.   For instance, behind the fountain and to the left is Imagine Salon.  If you face the fountain and gaze over your right shoulder  you’ll see Jeff Speakman’s Karate Studio.   

Turn left and walking will take you past Picasso’s, Bite Me Breads and Cookies  and 5 and Diner restaurant on the corner.   Turn to the right and walk toward the center of  the side plaza and you’ll find yourself in front of the entrance to Barnaby Street Shoppes. 

In my next post, I’ll narrate a walking tour through Barnaby Street Shoppes.  Stay tuned.


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