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By way of background and introduction, Gifts To Go resides in Surprise, Arizona within Suite 128 of the Bell Mar Plaza.  Bell Mar Plaza is a colorful, fun plaza with a water fountain (yes, water in Arizona) reminiscent of the dancing fountains of Disney.  Think: warm sun and the gentle splashing and gurgling of the water.  And, the fountain is the mid-point of the plaza flanked by Hurricane Grill and Picasso’s.  Think:  warm sun, soothing water, great food and a relaxing adult beverage. 

Suite 128 is home to Barnaby Street Shoppes,  a collection of local entrepreneurs.  Barnaby Street is rightfully marketed as Surprise’s first retail incubator.  More on retail incubators later. 

All of this brings us to Gifts to Go where clever gifts for all occasions are available.  We provide simple to elaborate gifts for all budgets.  Our simple belief is that a gift, any size, any shape, any value, marks the value of both personal and business relationships.  And, in an anxiety laden world filled with distrust, a random act of kindness goes a long way toward restoring, even if momentarily, a civil society.

We’re glad to be part of Barnaby Street Shoppes and Surprise’s first retail incubator and look forward to sharing more about this experience but more importantly look forward to your thoughts on gifts, retail incubators and/or the future of retail in America, entrepreneurs, Surprise, AZ or anything else our comments have triggered.


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